Aquatic Invasive Species Inspections

Invasive Species Program - Now Being Enforced!!

** Mandatory Inspections. All boats and non-motorized watercraft will be inspected prior to launching. **


Zero Tolerance! Boats Must be 100% dry!

Do Not Run Water through your engine/motor before coming to the lake.

If it is not 100% dry, your boat will fail the inspection and not be allowed to launch for 7 days.


California Department of Fish and Wildlife Code Section 2302 requires Castaic Lake & Pyramid Lake to:

1) Assess the vulnerability of the lake for the introduction of nonnative dreissenid mussel species.
2) Develop and implement a program designed to prevent the introduction of nonnative dreissenid mussels speies.


For Questions about the Castaic Lake & Pyramid Lake Program email:

For additional information visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Invasive Species Program web page.