Castaic Lake Dam Retrofit Project

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Update: 7/1/21


Starting July 1 at Castaic Lake in Los Angeles County, personal watercraft (PWC) will not be allowed as the lake’s drawdown continues due DWR’s tower bridge project. The bridge improvements will help ensure Castaic Dam continues to operate safely and provides a reliable water supply during a major earthquake or extreme weather event. For more information, go to DWR’s website

Visitors are advised to stay safe during fluctuating water levels by being aware and staying away from hazards in the water. Boating capacity could be limited. Please follow advisory signs and flyers located throughout Castaic Lake.

SAFETY REASON: The PWC area location on the lake is making it difficult for boaters to co-exist for passing in certain areas of the lake. 


Fisherman will be allowed to fish in this area after the area is removed.  Please, be advised of the no fishing area round the intake tower and near the dam. 

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