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Haunted Halloween Hike

October 27, 28 & 29


Participants literally crawl, crouch, and interact with actors as they physically travel through a unique haunted experience. A heavily story and actor driven haunt is another thing that sets us apart from other haunted attractions. Obstacles include blood, slime, gore cannons, obstacle courses, slides, and real balls of fire, a production filled with various levels of interactive experiences that challenge even the most brave.


Haunted Hike: Rated PG-13

Not recommended for children ages 13 and under.

Parental discretion is advised.

Spooktacular Kids Festival: Rated G

Recommended for our younger audience - Ages 12 and under.

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The Rules

We want our guests to have fun, but we do expect responsible behavior. So yell and scream all you want, wet your pants if you must, and really savor your frightful interactive adventure! But play nice, and pay attention to your guide and/or other crew members who are looking out not just for you, but for the safety and enjoyment of everyone on the premises. If an actor or crew member breaks out of character to give you instructions, you can bet there’s a good reason for it and you need to listen carefully.

Terms and Conditions

ALL SALES FINAL. The event will happen rain or shine. IF a show is canceled, ticket holders will have 72 hours from cancellation announcement to reschedule or ask for a refund. Ticket holder may also opt to make the purchase a donation to Friends of Castaic Lake in lieu of refund.

Castaic Lake reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone or to expel guests who in our judgment are behaving in such a way as to disrupt the event or to pose a danger to themselves, other guests, or our volunteers at any time. No refunds will be made for any reason.

Maximum 5 people in a group; groups larger than 6 will be split, and groups smaller than 6 may be combined with other guests to fill out a group. Castaic Lake reserves the right to determine the number of people in each part of a split group, but we will attempt to accommodate the wishes of the group as much as possible. Tickets bought at multiple entry times may be combined for admission together, subject to the group size limits; admission prior to the latest ticketed time is not guaranteed.

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